Five Harley Davidson motorcycles, coast to coast across the USA. 
   A dream fulfilled.

Like many bikers out there, Ron Daly had a life dream that one day he would ride a motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, coast-to-caost across the USA.

Split The Wind is the story of that dream being fulfilled, when he and four friends undertook just such a journey. Based on the original blog which he kept throughout the trip, but completely rewritten, the book takes the form of a daily diary and travelogue, with comments, observations and opinions about the route they took, the things they saw, but most importantly, the people they met along the way. 

Measuring  8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 x 28.0 cms) the book has 364 pages, 19 detailed maps, and in all more than 1250 colour photographs. Each daily report is accompanied by a map and colour photographs pertaining to that day’s journey.

Ron explains in the introduction

I’ve kept to the original diary format because I think it keeps the flavour of the trip alive, but although the book is based on the original blog, it has been completely re-written, this time hopefully without the typing and spelling errors of the original, and with as many added memories that I could dig out from behind the grey matter in my brain.
I’ve also included as many as possible of the three thousand photographs that we took along the way. No one picture is intended to be a work of art and they should be viewed as a set, a montage of the trip if you like, running alongside the narrative.
I despise travel books without maps. They are like clocks without hands - all the numbers are there, but something is obviously missing. Copyright restrictions abound however and I really had little option but to create my own. Whilst they are not intended to be one hundred percent accurate or detailed, they will at least allow you to follow our route.
My aim is that between the blog, the photographs and the maps, the book conveys some of the spirit, the freedom, the atmosphere and adventure of the open road, and the tremendous fun we had along the way. In short, I hope it allows you to enjoy the journey with us.



Five guys from the UK decide to realise a dream by hiring Harley Davidson motorcycles in Washington DC, riding them across the USA and three weeks later handing them back in San Francisco. Their objective was simple; head west, stay off the concrete corridors that are the interstate highways, and just see what comes their way.
It was a life-changing journey and this is their story.
For those three weeks they escaped from a world of routine, responsibility and work, to a world where the open road ruled supreme, a world of unreal freedom where they became modern day cowboys riding their iron horses across the wild west landscape They covered 4,300 miles, saw some amazing sights and met some wonderful people.

But it’s not a book just for the motorcyclist, it’s for anyone out there who has a dream and realises that, whatever the journey, one day the deed will have to be done. Dreams remain just that, unless at some stage they are actioned.

If this 364 page book, with more than 1200 full colour photographs and 19 maps doesn’t give you itchy feet, you need to go and see a doctor.

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About the Author.
Ron Daly has had a passion for the open road from about the age of four when he traveled the roads of Europe as a passenger in his grandfathers VW beetle. He has been organising ‘road’ trips ever since and be they minibus camping holidays to Greece or Morocco, cycling trips along French country roads, or motorcycling trips across Europe or the USA, the principle is always the same. Roads connect places, people and scenery and are there to be enjoyed. The journey is everything.
Ron refuses to give his age but admits to being the wrong side of 28, is married with two daughters and lives with his wife Irene in Newbury in Berkshire (UK). He made the decision to take early retirement from his job as an Air Traffic Controller whilst crossing the deserts of New Mexico during the course of this trip. “The trip made me realise that it was time to move on”.

Split The Wind is not a mass-market publication. Self published by Ron in conjunction with Lulu the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books, the book is held as a computer file by them, individually printed to order and then dispatched direct from their printer in either the USA, Spain or the UK.
Split The Wind is priced at £39.00(GB), $71(US) or Euros 57 (EU) plus delivery. These prices may fluctuate a little because they are subject to exchange rates .
The book is available worldwide but can only be purchased over the internet from Lulu; it is not available from conventional or other on-line bookshops 
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