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Split The Wind at Lulu


The acknowledgements page from the book reproduced in full.


It is amazing when organising and undertaking a trip like this, how many people you come into contact with who, often unwittingly, play their part, no matter how small, in shaping the trip. If I named everyone individually, the list would be a book in itself, but I do want to give special thanks to the following:-

My four compatriots and travelling companions
Graham Foulkes, John Yendall, Neil Harris and Ray Harris.
You made me laugh and you made me cry (nearly), but most importantly, by doing the journey, the five of us have acquired something that money just can’t buy.
Graham’s partner Cerri for the T-Shirt designs and John’s wife Marie for her support throughout.
Mike Turner who made all the computer wizardry possible and didn’t lose his temper at some of my more inane questions. Doh!
Jeremy Bate for his support and the beers on Santa Barbara pier.
All the people, both back home and in America, who followed our trip on the blog and sent us e-mails as we traversed the continent.
All the people we met ‘on the road’, especially Lance Farleigh (the Angel of Harley), Emma Irvine the Ranger at Buena Vista, Rod Staines at Lowell’s in Maryville, Kathleen and Joanne in Hot Springs, Big Jim and Marie in Oklahoma, and Mike and Christine from New York.
April in Sayre
The ‘Old Timer’, also in Sayre, whose name we shall unfortunately never know, but who gave me the title for this book.
The ‘gentlemen of the law’ for not giving us any speeding tickets.
The Customs and Immigration Officers at Dulles Airport for their good humour and cheery welcome to their country.
Everyone at Eaglerider, but especially Matt Kirn in Washington DC.
All at Dock Gate 20
The people of America
, who waved as we rode past, offered advice and showed tremendous interest in our journey.
Harley Davidson, because they build great bikes. The trip would not have been the same on anything else.
Motorcyclists, irrespective of what you were riding.
I thank each and every one of you. Without your input, the trip would not have been what it was.

Finally and most importantly however, the three ladies in my life. My wife Irene and our two wonderful daughters Anna and Shona. When I organise the odd trip like this I tend to get very much involved and consumed by the exercise, much to the detriment of anything else going on around me. Time rushes past at a blinding pace and before I know it I am on my way. Not once have they complained, in fact the complete opposite is true and I want to thank them for their totally selfless support, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout. I love you loads.